Nowadays there are plenty of tools to help you do your with little or no help from an accountant. And for many micro businesses and sole traders, the additional costs of hiring an accountant can be put back into the business. Not to mention the fear and nervousness in seeing or speaking to an accountant.

But imagine a world where seeing your accountant isn’t nerve racking or doesn’t feel like a trip to the dentist….

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Where your accountant is able to add a minimum of £5,041 to your bank account? And protect your fees with a personal guarantee backing…?

What if they also put money in your pocket by giving you personally a pre-paid MasterCard to shop at Tesco when you sign up to their full or premium services…?

And what if their services can help your kids get onto the property ladder or fund their school fees?

Oh, and imagine, every time you do business with these guys…:

  • a young person in Wandsworth gets two weeks paid work experience
  • a UK family is saved from losing their home from HMRC bankruptcy petition
  • a child in Malawi gets access to clean free water for a year
  • A homeless person in London is saved from HMRC stress and gets their life back

So do such accountants exists…?

There are certainly a new breed of accountants who are focused on adding value, make a lasting difference and changing lives. But they don’t come cheap.

So unless your affairs are really simple and you have the time to give it a go or your budget is very low, do speak to a few these accountants before deciding to run your business without an accountant. As tempting as it might be, the DIY route certainly has many downsides.


Jonathan Amponsah CTA FCCA is an award winning chartered tax adviser and accountant. He is the founder of The Tax Guys.