Tax Accounting and Visa Support For Foreign Entrepreneurs

The UK is open for business for ambitious and innovative foreign entrepreneurs.

 Are you…

  • An ambitious foreign entrepreneur looking to set up a new company in the UK
  • A current business owner looking to expand in the UK?
  • An innovative foreign individual with new tech ideas to explore in the UK market ?
  • High Net Worth Foreign Individual looking to invest in the UK?
  • Someone looking to acquire a UK business?  
  • Someone looking to explore the various VISA options to settle and do business in the UK?

And Are You The Kind Of Person Who:

  • Want to make a difference, have a complete peace of mind over your career, business, tax and Visa affairs ?

  • And who wants to make an impact on the UK economy and have a settled residency status for yourself and your family in one of the top countries in the world?

If so, you will love our award winning business support packages for foreign entrepreneurs!

Our business support packages for foreign entrepreneurs gives you the complete and holistic service from company set up, visa application, running a profitable UK company, staying on the right side of the law and getting your settled residency status in the UK.

The service proactively looks at ways to give you the best option for starting a business and settling in the UK, it comes with in-built checks to remove tax, business and immigration risks, it comes with a fixed fee and it gives you a complete peace of mind over your affairs in the UK.


  • Initial advice on the various routes to settle and run your business in the UK
  • Tax advice on permanent establishment in the UK
  • UK Company Formation
  • UK registered office 
  • Company Tax Registration for PAYE and VAT
  • Operating UK payroll
  • Assistance With The Right Type of Bank Account Opening
  • Business Plans 
  • Business Insurance
  • Pre visa application audit
  • Help with UK business Visa Applications and referral to a UK lawyer

  • Helping you remain compliant with UK tax authorities

  • Due diligence on acquiring a UK company

  • Setting up business accounting structures and processes

  • Annual accounting for the UK home office

  • Advice on adhering to business visa requirements

  • Business Tax advice

  • Business growth advice 

  • International tax and double tax treaty advice 

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